Pipeline Health

“Three to four times quota in your pipeline” is a rule of thumb … if you live in a dream world. Sales Clarity gives you actual conversion ratios that provide you with solid pipeline targets. Put fact-based pressure on your sales reps early – so you can rest easier late in the quarter.

Sales Clarity’s Pipeline Health view provide managers a consolidated picture of the overall health of each team member’s pipeline. In a single interface it shows: total weekly pipeline growth; total closed revenue, and; pipeline conversion ratio.

Quickly see if your team is growing – or shrinking – the pipeline on a week-by-week basis.

The details grid shows the following information for each team member:

  • Total dollar value of pipeline on each week of the date range selected.
    • Weekly growth is shown with a white background
    • Static pipeline (no growth or loss) is shown with a yellow background
    • Negative growth (you’re in trouble!) is shown with a red background
  • Dollar amount closed (first gray column) in the selected period.
  • Close ratio for the selected period (second gray column).
    • The close ratio is defined as the total amount of closed/won opportunities divided by the total dollar value of your pipeline (Commit, Best Case and Pipeline) at the start of the selected period.

The bottom chart on the module shows the trend of pipeline deals across the selected date range: total pipeline growth (blue), total ”lost/omit” opportunities (red), and total closed revenue (green).


Drill into any week’s pipeline data to see which opportunities were added/deleted that week,
Drill into the closed revenue data point to see a list of opportunities that were closed.