Stop scratching your head trying to figure out what the heck happened to your team’s opportunities. Stop wasting your time searching Get a quick understanding of the movements in your pipeline with Sales Clarity.

Choose the pre-defined range that is relevant to you:, or select a custom date range. Predefined date ranges include:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Current or Previous Week
  • Current or Previous Month
  • Current or Previous Period (i.e. Quarter)

See the impact of the change in living colour

The changes to an opportunity’s close date, amount, forecast category and/or sales stage are coded to inform you about the qualitative impact of the change:

  • Changes that have strengthened an opportunity are green
  • Changes that have weakened an opportunity are red
  • Opportunities lost or pushed out beyond the forecasted period are shown in italics
  • New opportunities are shown in blue

See the complete history of changes on any opportunity

Click on any opportunity to launch the Opportunity Details pane. This pane is a powerful feature that helps sales managers understand what the sales rep has done on any opportunity and ensure that sales process is being adhered to. It gives a complete history of the opportunity – in the context of forecast categories or sales stages – and provides a mechanism to easily guide the sales rep when they stray from the desired sales process.