Get the insight you need to drive results and revenue from forecasted opportunities with Sales Clarity

The Forecast view provides you with a calculation of your aggregate forecast across categories or sales stages, including the forecasts from all sales reps and sales teams below you on the sales hierarchy. You can drill down to filter the view to any sales rep or sales team below your level.

See an opportunity’s key data and history at one glance

Sales Clarity allows you to see the details of every forecasted opportunity, showing a complete historical detail of the opportunity in the context of forecast categories or sales stages. This makes it easy to see what the rep has done according to opportunity categorization, and what is scheduled to be done to drive it through the rest of the sales process.

Provide guidance to your sales team directly from within Sales Clarity

When viewing opportunity details, you can quickly create and edit tasks, providing a quick and easy way to guide your people on how to drive the opportunity forward more effectively. Once the tasks are created, they are front and center for the assignee.


  • Your forecast view can be summarized on any numerical field in your opportunity table/object.
  • Supported sales hierarchies include role based, territory based, or flat
  • Data can be filtered on the values(s) of any field associated with the opportunity (e.g. show strategic or channel opportunities only), or for forecast categories or sales stages.
  • Detailed opportunity information can be sorted on up to three columns.
  • Any field from the opportunity table can be added to the details view
  • Data can be exported to a spreadsheet for offline use
  • Make changes on the opportunity from within Sales Clarity directly back to