Activity Summary

If your people aren’t working on their sales pipeline, what the heck are they doing? Quickly see a summary of activity on key data with Sales Clarity.

Many sales managers find it captivating to watch this “sales feed” and see what accounts, contacts, opportunities and tasks the team is working on. Every time a sales rep touches one of these objects in, it shows up in the activity summary.

If a manager wants to zero in on a single rep, an account, or an opportunity, the search feature can be used to pull back a consolidation of activity on any piece of text. Want to know what George has been doing, or what activity there is on your “ACME Widgets” account? Simply type it in, and let the filter save your eyes from scanning the page.

Move your mouse over opportunity, account, contact, or task to get further information on it. You can then click on a hyperlink to go to the data directly within